23 June 2007

Date-limite for signups

Bonjour tout le monde! We are so excited by the response so far to the Tour de France KAL. Already there are some tres interessant projects that participants will be knitting during the Tour. Par example, Jussi will be knitting a scarf that she will wear on her upcoming trip to Paris! Beaucoup de sock knitters will also be joining us - Jen will be working on her Sock-Pal Socks (or should I say Sock-Amie Socks?), and Ozknitter and Donna Lee will also be making les chausettes. Donna Lee's daughter Kate will be making a tres-Francais beret while Rachael will be enchanting us with her Clapotis. Lyndsey is sure to turn heads in true Parisian style with the Ogee Lace Skirt from Interweave Knits. And Donni will be tackling her Mountain of WIPs (very brave of her)! And that's just the people who have decided on a project!

Remember, all you need to do to join is email either myself or Debby (our addresses are in the sidebar) and let us know which category you'll be knitting in! If you've contacted us but were undecided about your category, please be sure to let us know when you make votre decision!

We've had some queries as to what the deadline (date-limite) for signups is. The cutoff will be the official start of the Prologue, that is 3pm London time on 7th July 2007. There is a handy countdown clock here.

In the meantime, choose your projects and start brushing up on your vocabulaire Francais!


Anonymous said...

Hello from France, near "le Mont Ventoux"!
Do you know that Mazamet is a town known over here, by french knitters, for her magnifiscent knitting mill! They spin threads for the different farmers who produce "mohair" and "mohair and silk": it looks like Rowan kid silk haze, but with a lot more different shades, and you can meet the goats!!!

the stripey tiger said...

Hey Sign me up - I think I'll be a mountain climber and knit my first pair of socks - or do you think I should really give myself a challenge and green jersey my first pair of socks - Hey Meg decide for me will you?? puhleese - After a whole day of three snotty, fluey and wingey kidlets I haven't got any decision making capacity left - lol! :-) Sharon