28 July 2007

Stage Eighteen: Cahors > Angouleme

Cadel has 3 more seconds on Contador!!! (That was for Meg). Today's Tour report should probably start instead with something like: Casar wins Stage 18!

Despite an earlier crash with an unleashed dog (I can't believe they allow that sort of thing), Casar was part of a four man breakaway that included Axel Merckx (son of cycling legend Eddy Merckx), Laurent Lefevre, and Michael Boogerd. In the end, he was able to sprint ahead to capture the first stage win of his career. Contador is still in yellow (and white!) and tomorrow's time trial will determine whether he, Cadel, or Levi will be on the podium in Paris.

Nathalie is apparently going for three jerseys. She signed up for yellow, and is working on Icarus:


Although it is her first TdF progress post, she's only got 30 rows left, sprinting for a green jersey, AND it's her first lace project and first shawl, qualifying her for a polka dot jersey. Incroyable!

T's MS3 Stole is finally beginning to cooperate:

She's frustrated with the cheaters in the Tour, and in her local parking lots, but rest assured T. that in the KAL, every woman is knitting for herself.

The other yellow and white jersey knitters are quiet maintenant, calculating how to get their lowest time in for their maillot jaune finishes. Bonne chance!

Steph, in the polkadot classification, has managed to make a substantial start on her first fair isle gloves in between moving house! (Why does everyone seem to be moving house in July?) I just love seeing fair isle patterns as they unfold, don't you!

Jane joined the polkadot group thinking her entrelac sock project would be a big challenge. Turns out once she got the hang of it, the entrelac is not too hard so she's decided to sprint for the finish! Go Jane!!

Cindy has finished one of the sleeves on the 8-years-in-progress sweater we saw yesterday, despite the weather being unconducive to kntting in wool!

And Amber has posted photos of her latest shawls - here's the 2nd one she completed during the Tour - lovely!

The sprinters, including myself, have quietly been focussing on our time trial sprint for Stage 19. In fact I (Meg) was concentrating so much on packing in as much knitting as I could on Saturday that I completely forgot to publish this post until after the Time Trial started! Je suis desolee!

Now that it's in progress I have caffeine at hand and am working on the hexagon border on my cardigan. Tomorrow is supposed to be all seaming up and modelling for the camera - with any luck!

Bonne chance to everyone!


Elaine said...

I finally posted a photo of my sweater shards on my blog. I say shards because it is still in pieces, unblocked, but at least all the knitting is done before the end.

I'm now almost done with the back of another jacket with a complicated shaped cable pattern going up the back. Maybe I can finish that before they roll into Paris and post a photo too.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, la jacquette est formidable! I love the colour and the design. it looks quite thick, wonder what it looks like when someone is wearing it.

meanwhile, I have finished the body of my Mermaid, yippeee! off now to knit i-cord edges and cast on sleeves.

bonne journee a tout le monde!

peaknits said...

Sadly, I haven't been able to be diligent on my original KAL project of the Mystery Stole - I have somehow strained my back and reading lace charts is not conducive to do on your back - I have however worked on my Roza socks, one down and the other is cast on. Socks can be knit on your back on the couch:) Thank gosh for small favors!

Riggwelter said...

Good luck to the three tops guys, they all deserve to win!

I have finished my lot and have updated my blog.

Good luck girls!