30 July 2007

Une fete des maillots (A Celebration of Jerseys)

Because we are all going through severe Tour withdrawal today, let's look at more finished and nearly finished knitting projects and keep the magic going a little longer!

Chris' socks are nearly done, and her cat Mayhem is helping her knit faster! Check out her adorable photo -- I couldn't seem to copy it here (sorry Chris).

Here's Devorah from the yellow jersey category, with her chevron vest and bonus matching socks!

Here is Elaine's jacket, ready to be sewn up:

And Heather's Grapevine socks, which she dyed as well as knit:

Ina's maillot jaune is almost done, except for a few final adjustments.

Soleil pieced

Janet has been working on two blankets. Her Pinwheel Blanket, which she started the Tour with, is now done, and her Medallion blanket is 8 inches (Janet please correct me if I've misread that!

Kat said she was dropped by the peleton on the last day, but I think she did a magnifique job just the same!

And here is Lady Eleanor, all finished except for blocking and final details, modeled by Kristen!

Fri_lady_e_sunflowers_006 Fri_lady_e_sunflowers_005

Martha finished her chausettes jaunes, but is really upset about her local paper's Tour coverage. Perhaps you can visit her site and leave a comment and cheer her up?


Stitchyfingers' cycling gloves are nearly done!! She should get extra Queen of the Mountains points for all of those individual fingers knitted!!

Sarah finished her Holiday Romance top, and is going to post photos shortly. We can't wait to see!

And Maxine (sans blog) sent us this report:

hello Debra, and the group. since i do not (yet) have my own blog i thought i would send you a wrap up for my KAL projects. i have enjoyed watching this year and have found some few converts among my patients (captive dental audience). and i have found the KAL blog and all the links just brilliant. many new ideas to add to my list of things to do....

finished...........pink cabled leisure socks in Sockotta

black military socks in Regia stretch

brown London beanie in Elann esprit

OTN.............tesselated fish afghan, yellow and navy in Plymouth Encore using a fibonaci sequence striping



Sarah managed to finished Brigitte - I think she deserves a croissant!

In our white jersey category, Jennifer made an incredible effort for Camisa. A lot of firsts:

  • First KAL, yes, true!
  • First garment
  • First adaptation of a pattern for fit
  • First use of shaping
  • First knitting “both at the same time”
  • First marathon knitting sessions — I knit for looooooong period of time on this project!!

We're proud of you Jennifer for taking on such a huge uncategorized climb with two business trips during the Tour *and* you finished a pair of socks too! Definitely a Contador-worthy white jersey performance here.

In the green jersey category, we've had some late-breaking finishing news from Heidi who finished this gorgeous tank top:

And Moze pulled off another incredible finish with this cotton sweater, modelled here on her daughter (hence the sleeves are a bit long).

If I have forgotten to post your FO or near FO, blogless or otherwise, please let me know!

Meg's post yesterday with post-Tour withdrawal suggestions was so great -- last year I walked around in a daze for weeks afterward, so I'm definitely going to try a few things on her list!

I want to say again how much I appreciate your patience during my absence, and all of Meg's hard work. When she asked me to co-host the KAL a few months ago, I told her a hesitant yes because I wanted to do it so much, but there was a "slight chance" that if our house sold, we might be moving in July. Of course we ended up moving right smack in the middle of the month, and I didn't get to do nearly all the posts and fun things I wanted to do (please don't mention my actual TdF project, which I feel horribly ashamed about, but I'm with the Dave Zabriskie knitters who timed out early this year). Meg did a good deal of pulling at the front of this peleton, and deserves extra applause. Again, Merci Beaucoup to her!! {Meg would like to add her deepest thanks to Debby who did more work on the KAL than she is making it sound like here!}

We hope you all enjoyed the Tour and will join us again next year for another great Knit Along! Please proudly display your jersey buttons on your blogs, regardless of whether or not you finished the project you set out to do! As any flamme rouge will tell you, winning isn't everything!

But winning is still fun and now it's time to announce the winner of our third and final 2007 Tour de France big prize contest giveaway... drumroll please... it's Whitney of Tour de Gansey fame!

Now that the Tour is over we'll be signing off until June 2008. Bonne route until then!


Auntly H said...

Merci mille fois pour un KAL magnifique!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Thanks to you both for a fantastic kal!!

Chris said...

Thanks, Meg and Debby! This was absolutely fabulous - you two did a great job!

whitney said...

It's so nice seeing everyone's beautiful finished projects, I love these posts!

Thanks so much to Meg and Debby for a wonderful knitalong.

And how exciting, to win a prize!

"blogless" Heidi said...

Thanks again for this knit along! I'm convinced I never would have finished that tank top in time to actually WEAR it yet this summer. BTW, I was knitting w/ the Polka Dot Jerseys...but hey, green is my favorite color and Tom Boonen sure is cute.

knittin'_kitten said...

I thoroughly enjoyed following the Tour along with everyone. What a great KAL! Thank you Meg and Debby! Btw, I just posted the finished pics of my top, Holiday Romance, on my blog.

mrspao said...

Thank you so much for organising a fantastic KAL!! It was so much fun knitting along with everyone. :)

Martha H said...

You all are the Alberto/Cadel/Levi podium queens. Thank you so much for the KAL. Your writing was exciting and witty and just overall magnificent! And to all the knitters...champagne cheers from the team car!

Arja said...

we had joy, we had fun, etc.
a la prochaine, everyone!

Devorah said...

Merci. merci, merci!!!

Cecile said...

I am so impressed with all the finished projects! They are just beautiful! I was on a bus trip last weekend and did get some knitting done, but wasn't able to post. My project is far from finished, alas but I'll try to post what I have.

On the speaking French front though I did much better. I spoke French for 2 hours to two French ladies Monday, and gave them a tour in French of the historic home where I am a docent.

Riggwelter said...

excellent projects again and well done Whitney.

zippiknits said...

Darn, I always hear about these things far to late! But, there's always next year! Got a grannie bike this summer, then it got too hot to ride something made of metal. ta!

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