15 July 2008

Rest Day

As the old saying goes, there's no rest for the knitters! While the cyclists are all off enjoying gourmet food, luxury hotel rooms, and on-demand massages, many knitters cannot afford to take this day off from the pressing matter of their projects! And even for the knitters who decide a bit of a breather is in order, we have a small task for you today...

That's right, it's time to vote on the winner in our first Intermediate Sprint competition! From a very strong field of contenders, your co-hostesses had a great deal of difficulty narrowing down a shortlisted selection. And without further ado, they are...
  • We all know France is the land of romance and Stacy's heartwarming encounter is further proof!
  • Never underestimate the wooing power of your knitting - Mari's counting on using her Clapotis to gain the attentions of a certain cute sprinter as he cycles down the Champs-Elysees!
  • Knitting skills and yarn in the colour of an Alpine sunset are the key to Drewzel's ensnaring a mysterious Frenchman named Pierre - but would you miss the Tour going by outside for hot chocolate and croissants in bed???
  • Nothing is as evocative of France as the accordian. Christina takes a trip down memory lane through some of her favourite accordian music...and ends up at an uncannily Tour-related destination!
  • You might begin to think you have a problem when you start watching past year's Tours on the computer by yourself. Not Sarah!
  • There's no mistaking Jane's project's connection to Le Tour - and it's not just the name, La Germolene!
  • Whitney's sprinting through her Tour de Gansey. In her entry, she argues rather convincingly for "the relevance of a traditional English fisherman’s garment to the Tour de France". I think there might be a PhD in there somewhere!
  • Ina gets a billion extra points for actually undertaking this challenge en Francais! Bravo!!
Now here's where you come in! Please visit the shortlisted entries and vote below for your favourite! Voting will close at midnight PARIS TIME on 18th July (midnight on the day of Stage 13). That's only a little over 72 hours to get your vote in, so what are you waiting for! Clickez-vous!

And here are some updates from the tireless knitters!

Team Lampre
update: No day of rest for many Team Lampre members. Natalie seeks advice: she is soooo close to finishing the second sock but is nearly out of green yarn. What to do???Donni will be away for a few days at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show helping a friend sell fiber. Down time (if any) will be spent working on the February Lady Sweater.

Stacey has finished the yoke of her FLS. Check her blog to see the gorgeous child's sock she's completed, as well as the roadbike her husband built for her!
Speed knitter Donna has now finished one front side of Tempest while watching a swimming meet.Kristen is relieved to be past the underarm decreases on the back of the Hand in Hand vest.

No Rest For Leaky Gas!

Some of us re fair motoring along and letting things go to their heads. Regardez ce beau chapeau!

Et regardez Linz! Bonjour Linz! Votre béret semble beau :-)

Linz has christened this "Le Hobnob Beret" :-) Now you tell me who doen't love hobnobs, specially chocolate ones!

Tanya is knitting a Clapotis and it's looking beautiful. Tanya is using a chocolate chubby sock yarn from The Knittery, and it looks lovely stuff.

And just look at Amy's beautiful burgundy socks :-) Your feet feel all snuggly and cosy just looking at them don't they.
Garmin sends cheers for VdV and hopes for the yellow!
For le Maillot Vert Heather cruised through the back of Notre Dame de Grace,

and in fear she would run out of yarn, cast on and started the neck opening early. Like blowing a tire she had to go to the roadside where she ripped back a few times before success
Her Knit Picks Options needles pulled out of the metal connector end nearly spilling stitches. Like a good cyclist she switched to an new bike and kept going.
Photograping this yarn has been a problem and one sleeve seems more green than its counterpart which seems more blue. But she has accpted the quirks of her glorious Wollmeise and will carry on. C’est la vie!
Nikki has been Frying Oreos and letting her sweater trail the peloton. She did buy the size 7 dpn’s so not all is lost...at least an Oreo was fried!!

Our Norma is convinced she is a Luddite but as far as we can see she has persevered amazingly with a bactch of problems, with Picasa. posting photos, having stories deleted. and getting herself on Ravelry . .and through it all, her photos are great, and her knitting is beautiful. It is also very French!!
Rosemary’s Maillot Dentelle was a W.I.P.She got the back finished during the Grand Depart Brittany stages and has been steaming up the left front. While watching stage 9, she increased for the sleeves and pushed ahead for the uphill finish of a much wider piece. After nearly 10cm (or should that be km?) she realised she had forgotten the neck shaping and had to rip it back again. The finish today was too exciting to do much at all!

Jane sent word that SHE”S BACK! Saw the team doctor, diagnosed with chest infection, got drugs to ward off the “too sick to knit” syndrome and is steaming ahead. Finished the back and has caught up with the peloton. SHe’s weaving her way to the front, Whoo hoo here she comes!

Well is seems that Team AG2R-Mondiale is taking advantage of the rest day because Gemma is the only participant with an update. She is already on row 141 of her shawl.
Team CSC:

I think we need a little break over at Team CSC. Things aren't going so well. Poor Sarah, who finally got her pattern and cast-on her project is now having to frog the majority of it. It appears the lace pattern is a bit off centre and considering that's the focal part of the sweater; well, the only option is frogging.

Our injured knitter, Judy, is slowly making headway with her nightie. I think Judy's happy it's a rest day too! And I'm on the flat stage of my sweater. Boring flat stage. But it should be done by the time we reach Paris.Breaking news from Camp Credit Agricole

I bet you've been dying to hear what the Flying Sheep have been up to haven't you. In another 'Blogger ate my post' incident your correspondent found herself in the long grass minus a cycle clip so here is a belated roundup of the flock.

Lyn is w(h)iping along with her Montparnasse. We now have two fronts and a sleeve and have started on the back.

Good news! Susan's children got their celebratory French toast for breakfast this weekend in exchange for a little knitting time. After a couple of wobbly days including a whole day lost by an escaped dpn,Susan is back in the saddle and making good progress.

Sarah has completed 7 repeats of her lace shawl but even better news than that -SHE GOT THE JOB!!! Many congratulations,Sarah -I'm sure the success will put fire in your needles!
Angie has finished the bottom of her French Market bag and after a puncture stop to locate her 4.5mm extra long dpn is back in business again - just watch her go!

Rachel is another team member who has made a fine recovery after a mid week wobble. What character this team have, I'm filling up...
Oh no! our speed queen Gina has had the chain come off her bike with that realisation that every knitter dreads - she thinks she is going to run out of yarn. We've sent for emergency supplies and are waiting for the helicopter to land now.Fingers crossed.

Take heart team. Marci may have found us our secret weapon. Her project has actually been to the Tour. Look at this!!!

and here's our team car!

Now, every time we feel the need of a bit of a lift we can focus on the Gilet imbued with the spirit of the Tour and feel revived!

Helene has been quietly plodding along with her Bellini. All that k2p2 rib - I bet your calves are burning, Helene. Well worth it though. Aren't these sleeves beautiful? I am, however, picking up a tiny departure from team loyalty from our Helene. She's banging on about some bloke called Cadel who certainly isn't on our roster. Never 'eard of 'im.

Finally to the progress on my project,Le Germolene. 75, count them, hard won rows in this baby now. I think I may be making a bit of heavy weather of this. Less Thor, more like Windy Miller on his tricycle...

All in all, however, another solid team performance in these testing middle days. we have the character, we have the determination. If only we could keep hold of our needles.

A bientot my woolly team mates!


Meg said...

Wow, that's so cool that Marci took her knitting to the Tour - AND great photo of the team car!

Furry with Ruffles said...

Well I had to talk about Cadel - gotta love a bloke who gets emotional about winning a stage after falling off his bike and nearly killing himself! Bon soir mes amis!

Katie said...

I got missed out of my teams update :(
Anyway I have got a good 8 inches in to my Nether garments, we are currently mid calf, and I'm pleased with the quick progress!
If you want a quick look then head over to my blog for a picture.