21 July 2008

Rest Day

Once again, it might be a rest day for the cyclists but the knitters are forging ahead! There are some really exciting things happening in the knitting peloton - read all about it here with your team updates!

Team FDJ Update:

Things have been a bit quiet here at Team FDJ these last couple of days. A lot of our team have been away for the weekend, myself included. I took a quick break to the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) and did manage to get in some TDF knitting time. My first Baudelaire sock now has a heel.
Lynn however has finished the shrug she was making, and is now onto the Indian Summer Socks. Despite some mountainous terrain, having to reknit the cuff a few times, she's now speeding down the other side of the Alps.
Helen has some progress on her I Do Shrug, and is going for the sprint to finish the other side in the remaining week of le Tour:
Janine has decided to add one or two repeats to her Clapotis, which will involve another trip to the yarn shop for the 7th ball. As she states, "Oh no! More yarn shopping! The horror!" (or is that quelle horreur!).
See you on the other side of the Alps!

Team CSC:

We're carrying the yellow jersey!! WOO HOO.

Jacqueline is doing well with her "Gather Robbie into my Pullover". I think maybe Robbie needs a hug or two, given he's ghastly performance so far. I'm sure Jacqueline would be more than happy to help with this!!CathyAnn's cardigan is having a rest day as it's too hot to be working on it. Instead she's started a Cat 1 climb (toe-up Cat Bordhi socks from New Pathways) - sounds more like a HC climb to me!!

EnnaVic's tam is done. Although, she's not sure she loves it. What do you guys think??

Elisa (who has multiple TdF goals) started her #3 project - a BSJ, as she complete her first goal...
Christina is about 80% done her Upstairs shawl and almost half-way done her Kimono shawl. She her lovely collage (and being British the big pic of Cavendish from http://www.cyclingfans.com/).And Judy is having hip twitches thanks to the Bacardi Mojito commercial that she sees ad nauseum with the Versus coverage!! Click at your own risk.

Team AG2R-Mondiale
Jen has accomplished her Tour goal of finishing a carseat blanket and monkey socks as gifts and knitting the Capelet and the Ribbed Lace Bolero. Next she'll be starting on the February Lady Sweater. Way to go Jen!

Shock! Horror! Outrage! Drunken revelry at Camp Credit Agricole

Well it looks like a good shearing was exactly what we needed here at the sign of the flying sheep. Not only did our cycling team mate Simon Gerrans take a stage win but we had a knitting team win in the intermediate sprint. Thanks to everyone who voted - it was just what I needed to spur me on after my rather lacklustre performance in the middle week - 95 rows under my belt and still going for it!

The rest of the team are in similar spirits. Lyn has felt the return of her puff and has finished the back and 13cm on the final sleeve - she's planning a big collar finish!

Kit has made a welcome return to the peleton and is making good progress on her Baby surprise jacket despite some 'technical adjustments'.

Gina isn't wasting any time and has sewn together her three finished squares while waiting for her yarn to arrive tomorrow.

Carolyn , the tactician of the team is cleverly using the rest day for some light conditioning, tackling the decreases on the front of her Breton Girl in anticipation of the long hard increases to come.

Once again, despite our hangovers from celebrating our success, another performance showing the strength and depth of our squad. Allez lez Moutons!

Team Quick Step Update
Jennifer has back tracked and gone back to the Monet bag.

she says she is test driving a few more colour combinations, "this time mohair doubled, rather than a blend of 4ply wool and 8 ply mohair".

Well done to Lauren who has finished "Thermal"

pattern: Thermal (Ravelry pattern link) from Knitty Winter 2006, size B (with ribbing unstretched it’s about 32″ around, but after a wash it should relax some)
yarn: less than 4 skeins of Araucania Ranco Solid in Teal
needles: 24″ 2.5mm Addi Turbo and INOX 2.25mm dpns for sleeves

It's good to see Madalyn's smiling face...

Who's racing on with "Le châle chaleureux". Go see her blog for a poem about Aubergine's (and her Intermediate Sprint #2)

Another great finish for Team Quick Stitch! Yay! Marge has finished her FairIsle Cardigan, all blocked and ready to go.

Shelley is cooking up Onion Soup for her Intermediate Sprint #2

Bon Appétite indeed!

Whitney says "It may be a rest day for the cyclists, but for those of us crazy enough to try to knit an adult-sized gansey in three weeks, there is no rest to be had. I’m making good progress though; enough that it’s time to share…"

"Think I can do it all before the cyclists have their little romp around the Champs-Élysées?"
Sure you can Whitney!

As for me, well we've had a good few days of sun, and trust me that's rare for Wales, so I've been knitting "dans le jardin"

Morgan chef d'equipe finished the race ahead of schedule. Pictures however are stuck on the camera. She has made it her new goal to get it off of the camera and blogged about!

Christine is worried about the silk she is using and how it will behave after it is washed. Also she had to say this "For what must be the sixth time I’ve transferred all of my stitches onto waste yarn so I can be sure that my Simple Knitted Bodice is going in the proper direction(s). It is a little bit tedious to keep doing this, but to my mind it’s well worth the trouble. I’ve been able to see before going too far that I had needed to decrease my stitch count or shorten the torso."

Mari is still on vacation. When asked she stated "Some Tour knitting got done, but unfortunately not as much as I would have liked. There will be some definite uphill knitting tomorrow. It is going to be a long mountain stage."

Kathy has completed the race!

Devorah is throwing a little contest over at her blog as a challenge for the course. Check it out.

Lyn stated when interviewed "Rather too many false starts and detours, time is running out. Still sticking to the entrelac theme, but a change of yarn and pattern. Think this will have to be a stole rather than a scarf …"

Jo had lots to say. "Well I fell off my bike on Saturday… must have been a steep hill….

Glancing down the lace admiring how pretty it was I noticed a slight mistake on the edging… where a wrap over had twisted the wrong way… not a problem.. I tinked the 4 rows back and corrected..

but then… in the main pattern…. identically. symetrically opposite each other.. I spotted another mistake…. Over two rows… I’d done another errror… missed a yarn over and a decrease….

It was the same both sides so matched.. but I knew it was there…. and a good 25 rows back from where I was…

so do I rip it back or ignore it… knowing I’m the only one that knows it’s there, and as I’ve done it the same (no idea how!! - I even checked the pattern in case it was a misprint!!)… I decided to put it to one side and look again later…

(OH then surprised me by taking me away for the weekend!)… so in a calm and rational mood I picked it up again last night…..

and ripped it back!!!! I knew i wouldn’t have been happy and it would have kept calling me…

Feel much better, and knitted back half of what I’d frogged - so a good recovery and nearly caught up with the rest of the peleton!!"

Martha was very truthful when interviewed "As a member of the Tour de France KAL, I am way behind. I'm lagging in both my project (the second one cast on) and in reading the blog entries of other participants. However, I have not given up. Yesterday and today, I have been knitting like a sprinter. Today, I made a personal commitment to the second intermediate sprint competition."

Barbara is racing ahead to the finish line! "I had been persistent and am just about to the point of separating for the placket of the sweater!"

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