19 July 2008

Stage Fourteen: Nimes > Digne-les-Bains

Nimes always reminds me of Hercule Poirot, though I can't find which mystery is set there. If anyone knows, please share in the comments!

Digne-les-Bains is noted for those beautiful lavender fields, and Victor Hugo's Les Miserables begins in Digne (wikipedia). It is also a thermal spa, and the former home of Alexandra David Neel, an explorer and writer.

Very Quick Race Report: As the teams headed towards the Alps, Oscar Freire took advantage of one of the last flat stages and won the sprint. Cadel Evans still holds on to the yellow jersey, as the Tour heads into Italy for a mountain top finish tomorrow. Mark Cavendish, British Sprinter Extraordinaire, is likely headed home to rest and prepare for the Olympics.

Yellow: Cadel Evans (Silence-Lotto)
Green: Oscar Freire (Rabobank)
Polka Dot: Sebastian Lang (Gerolsteiner)
White: Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas)
Team: CSC

Lantern Rouge: You Know Who, moved up to 157th place

The winner of our KAL intermediate sprint is Jane, Team Leader of Credit Agricole (Thor needs to get some pointers from her on the sprints!). Jane has won a skein of made-for-us DK weight yarn from Katie at Live 2 Knit, in her choice of colors, a red or green. [ed note: I am racing to get this post up, so I'll provide links to the yarns later on]. Felicitations Jane!!!

Team CSC:

Judy's injury has definitely slowed her down, but she's hanging on (she suggests as a Lanterne Rouge) and making progress. But now she's concerned about running out of yarn...it might go from a little nightie to a little tank top. Either way it'll be sassy!
EnnaVic had some frogging of the "cursed" tam, but has now officially finished her project. The bad part, she thinks the finished hat is not flattering to her face! Hopefully we can see for ourselves with pictures tomorrow.
I'm done the body of my Lady Sweater and need to find some 5mm DPNs to finish the arms. We're 2/3 into the race, and I think I'm 2/3 of the way done!

From Team Garmin-Chipotle:
My heart was in my throat the last few yards. I was so hopeful that Julian Dean could pull it off. Fourth is not bad. Our team has made a very good start this Tour,
Thanks to the great coverage and photography of the various historic buildings and gorgeous countryside, Jane has almost convinced her other half that theyshould start saving in earnest for their own holiday to the France… Whoo Hoo

If we are Whoo Hooing in France I will have to get my other half on the train, also.

Rosemary's Maillot Dentelle is 40% complete, with all of the back and most of one front done. She points out that the commentators keep missing VdV despite his brilliant riding until the GC listings come up. We are just coming to the ALPS Rosemary and hope is on the road!

Kira has flown from Hobart, Tasmania over to Victoria for the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. Hopefully we will have pictures when she returns.

Norma is hurrying to get her knitting done while it is winter in Queensland. She tends to knit for friends/family further south where it is colder. Apparently there are only SO many woolies you can wear in Queensland. Sounds divine!

From Anne comes the words “One down, One to go!” And here is the proof. Go Anne, it looks beautiful.
I am sorry to report that 1776 has design problems and has retired from the Tour. An Austerman sock yarn has voluntered to replace it and it is cruising along.

Team AG2R-Mondiale
Katie is up to the knee on the first leg of her nether garments and the varying widths is doing interesting things to the varigated yarn.
Paisley has finished her second sprint which is a Jacques Cousteau Chapeau/pipo/hat. (Am I the only one in the KAL that can read the Cousteau hat pattern in its original language?) It had a decrease that she hadn't used before - a KKS. Now she's working on her real project – a Clapotis.
Jen has finished the ribbed lace bolero and is back on track with her monkey socks.

Exclusive news from the mountain hideaway of Team Credit Agricole

Freewheeling along in the sunshine, don't you just love this time of year, the birdsong, the fresh mountain air...wait a minute.... who are those people behind us? What do you mean a race? This calls for decisive action. Shave our legs for maximum aerodynamics? Nah - we need decisive action - grab that shearer someone, the Flying Sheep are getting shorn!

I think it's fair to say that we have been a bit off the pace in this difficult middle week but have no fear, in our gleaming white close fitting livery we mean business in the final week of the Tour. Let's review the roster:

Lyn is now two thirds of the way up the back of her Montparnasse and feels like she's running out of puff . Come on Lyn, you've been our anchor sheep for the first part of the tour - perhaps being a few pounds lighter in the fleece will put a spring in your hooves!
On the other hand, where some are losing their wind, some have found their legs and are kicking for home - Sarah has now done 15 repeats of Le Rectangle - that's half the central panel! Tres impressive...

Rachel, another stalwart of the team is showing her character by making further progress on her Chanteuse Socks. She's on the second sock now so finishing should be a breeze!

Gina is taking a brief ride in the team car, waiting for her new yarn to arrive on the 21st. In the meantime, here is another of her scorching squares. With a couple of day' rest behind her, on 21st other teams will be eating Gina's dust as she sprints towards the finish!
Look at the shape of Carolyn's Breton Girl - how French is that? She is planning to pick up speed on the front - we'll be cheering you on, Carolyn.

Marci has finished her first sleeve. We are quietly confident about Marci.

As for me,I feel the Lanterne Rouge of my own team. According to my faithful lap counter I have clocked up 77 rows now, a pitiful three more than my last showing. However, thanks to my new haircut I will be showing the flock a clean pair of hooves.

Less of the belement, let's see more pedalment!

Allez les Moutons Volantes!

Team Lampre update: Two members reporting progress: Stacey is cruising along on her February Lady Sweater in swoon-worthy Dream in Color Classy in "Lagoon". She is contemplating the perfect go-with buttons.
Kristen is at the half-way point, having finished the back of the Hand in Hand vest. On to the front!

Team SIL is cycling along with one member finishing an entire sweater and working on another!

Melanie has finished her Molly Ringwald and is starting a new sweater project. She is making the bed jacket from Knitting Lingerie Style. This provides her with two new challenges: short rows and the dreaded crochet! I'd bet (if it weren't illegal to bet on sporting events here in the US) she'll finish!

Joline shares this photo of her Lady Sweater. It fits the bill for summer knitting. Interesting and lacey. She is loving it but has been busy lately....

Megan checked in to show off the progress on her Stolen Moments shawl. It's "long, like the Tour is long" and enough to keep her busy but also a little boring. So, she's going to make a Baby Surprise Jacket just for fun.

Rosered is on tier 9 of her Lady Eleanor and while she won't finish by the end of the Tour, she has "totally got the hang of this entrelac business".
I am thrilled to be finished repeat number 9 of my shawl and will hopefully forge onward over the weekend.
The weather here is unbearable this weekend and keeping up the motivation is a real challenge.

Kate here, checking in for Team Liquigas! I have to admit, I have been remiss in my knitting, especially as I am a Green Jersey contender. However, I have a valid excuse--er, reason. Otakon is in a little under three weeks and I have costumes to work on! Lots of sewing means less knitting. I'm out on pictures, too. I swear I'll have some soon, though!
Rosemary has finished her Montparnasse, and it's lovely, despite having to add shoulder gussets. She's started her Notre Dame de Grace pullover, but pictures are delayed by packing for camping.
Nancy has had a bit of a knitting vacation due to houseguests, but she's picked up her needles with a little less than 30 edging repeats left. Here's to hoping she'll finish this weekend!
Tanya is cruising along on her clapotis, and even has two other pairs of socks otn. Also, an adorable little girl.
Amyenjoyed a nice day at the beach with many wise questions and comments from her son (where do waves go when they stop being waves?) and after quite a contemplative time came home to yarn-y and chocolatey goodness through the mail. Now that's an ideal day off.


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