28 July 2008

Team CSC Wrap Up

Well, we made it to Paris. Some of us a little battle worn and injured, some of us pleading for a break. But we did it; and ended up in yellow!!
Elisa finished her cabled sweater (goal #1) and spun/plied enough Gotland wool to make a crocheted shawl (goal #2). She ALSO started to knit a baby surprise jacket (goal #3) but suffered a Tour ending injury. She pressed so hard to get the sweater and shawl done in time for her local fair that she re-injured her shoulder. No crocheting or knitting for at least a month!! Bonne Chance with the healing!!
Christina participated not only in the TdF KAL but also the Tour de Fleece. Two Grand Tours!! She finished a full 10 repeats of her upstairs stole, but decided it is too short, so is adding a couple more repeats. She was hoping to finish it by Paris, but got rather sidetracked by the time trial - as we all did, right!! Her kimono shawl is probably 50% done, so she feels that she cracked the laceweight mountain!

Anne made it to the top of the back of her woven jumper (yay) - but not as far as casting on the front which is where she wanted to be. However the TDFKAL has set her on the road to finishing! Maybe she'll get it finished before Jan 2009 which would be approx 10 years (and 3 kids) after she started it. Talk about a mountain of knitting!! Her Daughter's scarf is steadily growing and will be nearly finished when she starts school.

CathyAnn finished both sleeves of her cardigan. She is still mulling over whether to try blocking it (as several have suggested) or just frogging the peplum. There was no helpful consensus at her SnB either!! In addition to her cardigan, she finished three projects for Socks for Soldiers that she started before the tour: one pair of military socks, one pair of leisure socks, and one beanie cap, and have almost finished the first leg on a second pair of military socks.

Ina finished her project, a Shetsoie shawl, plus a totally unexpected project, a Swallowtail shawl, so it was a true sprint to the finish. There's a story behind the Swallowtail - she supposes the cycling analogy is sometimes the team domestiques end up cycling twice the distance of a stage. She will have pics on her blog on Tuesday. And congrats to Ina for being a finalist in TWO of the sprints!!

Sarah is hopefully wearing her finished lace top to work today. This is what is looked like last night.

Lori is off on vacation and had her project packed so no new pictures. She figures she's fighting Wim for the Laterne Rouge. She also offered these kind thoughts: "Cheers to all you knitters who fought the good fight - knitting through tangles, pain & Bob’isms." Well put Lori!!

Jacqueline also arrived safely in Paris. Her journey up the Champs-Élysées has been completed a day early since she finished her 'Gather Robbie into my Pullover' project last night. She says "It is absolutely beautiful if I may say so myself and I love everything about it; the colour, the fit and most of all the wonderfully warm yarn." The weather didn't offer good conditions for pictures but we'll stay posted on Ravelry for an update.

Sarah B. came sooooo darned close. But she's of the belief deadlines are made to be extended, and I really can't argue with that.

I too safely arrived in Paris, wearing mon Maillot Jaune. I'm really happy with my February Lady Sweater, and once it comes winter here, I'll be seen in it frequently.

And a HUUUUGE thank you to Debby and Meg for all their hard work, preparation and organization of the best KAL I've been involved in. You ladies have rode your butts off!!

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