29 July 2008

Team Quick Step Wrap Up

Well our man Gert Steegman managed a stage win in the end! Us Quick Stitchers didn't do a bad job either, look at these:

From top left:

1. Whitney's finished Gansey.
2. Madalyn's "le châle chaleureux" in progress.
3. Tour de France.
4. Angie's "Diamants de Foegere" in progress.
5. Marge's finished Fairisle vest.
6. Alli's Cropped Cardigan in progress.
7. Madalyn's "le châle chaleureux" in progress.
8. Jennifer's Quick Stitch Wrist Warmers.
9. Whitney's wonderful drawing of her finished Gansey.
10. Jennifer's "le beret de ma fille".
11. Lauren's finished "Thermal".
12. Gretchen's French Market Bag.
13. Shelley's Quick Stitch Wrist Warmers.
14. Jennifer's Monet inspired "Woolet".
15. Shelley's Pi Blanket, Beret and Wristwarmers.
16. Jessica's finished "Piggle".
17. Jessica's Quick Stitch Wrist Warmers.
18. Jennifer's Monet inspired "Woolet".
19. Quick Stitch logo.
20. Polka Dot Jersey.
21. Yellow Jersey.
22. Madalyn's "le châle chaleureux" in progress.
23. Marge's finished Fairisle vest.
24. Jennifer's Secret Lace.
25. Alli's Finished Cropped Cardigan.
26. Lauren's finished "Thermal".
27. Angie's Quick Stitch Wrist Warmers.
28. Shelley's Finished Pi Blanket.
29. Angie's "Diamants de Foegere" in progress.
30. Gert Steegman taking the final stage.

And there we have it, another race done. I have to say thank you to the girls on the Quick Stepping - Quick Stitch team for making my role as team leader and easy one.

Until next year.

Au Revior


m1k1 said...

And thank you, Angie, for your Team Leadership, not to mention a fine job of mosaic-ing our achievements. Hasn't it been fun?

ali said...

It was fun, and all of you team leaders did a fab job with all of the highlights posting! Looking forward to next year already...

Happy knitting-

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank *you* for being such a great Team Leader! I love the mosaic!

Anonymous said...

It's been brilliant! And as your blogs are now in my blogroll, I shall keep popping in.

T. said...

Nice mosaic Riggwelter!! Excellent wrap up.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for being a great leader, Angie! Great mosaic! I'm just sorry I didn't quite finish my bag in time- oh well! Now on to the Olympics, where I can ogle Mark Cavendish some more!

JustJess said...

Big thanks Angie for lots of encouragement! Great effort from the team all together really!