30 July 2008

Team Silence Lotto Wrap Up

Well, this was an adventure for sure. Our team was all over the place in terms of finishing our projects. We had Jennifer who gave up on her swallowtail shawl because it was stressful and not any fun at all ,all the way to Melanie who finished two sweaters (Molly Ringwald and the lingerie bed jacket) and then picked up a wip and finished a skirt!

Rosered finished 21 rows on her Lady Eleanor ("one for each stage") and is about halfway done. She is thrilled with it.

Joline finished her Juno Regina. And then went on to start a February lady sweater which she finished!Amy finished her socks and was sprinting madly toward the finish on her Sprout. Tam finished seaming her Beatrix at 1 am as the cyclists were taking their tour of Paris.
We lost some knitters on the way. They've dropped out of sight and I'm unsure of their progress. When last we checked, Justine was working on Bee fields, and Kelli was working on the Print o'the Wave stole. Megan continues on her baby surprise jacket and her Stolen Moments shawl. Ozknitter was working on socks and scarf and making good progress on both.
I have finally finished my Adamas shawl, although I finished it and blocked it last night. I wasn't figuring on finishing but was glad I did. Now I have a wrap to wear to the wedding on Saturday.
And so that ends our Tour 2008. Thanks guys for a thrilling ride!


Rose Red said...

Thanks Donna Lee for being our team leader! And congratulations to you, and all our other team finishers, for getting your project (or projects - wow!) done!

DPUTiger said...

Three cheers for a fantastic team leader. Hip Hip! Hooray! :)

Anonymous said...

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